The Four Directions of the Unconscious Mind – Questions that will send your brain in four basic directions

Questions that allow the therapist to send the client’s unconscious mind in four basic directions: up, down, back and forward to gather new perspectives in viewing the problem. (These questions are also extremely useful for you to check out your own thinking concerning a specific problem.) – PDF

Three different views of the same page by Karen Davis – PDF

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How Neuro-Semantics has helped me both to gain more fluency and to live my life more richly

A Letter to Dev

Roddy Grubbs

Hello Dev Mehta,

I’m Roddy Grubbs; I live in the USA; I’m 56 years old, work as a software engineer; and I first became aware of Bob Bodenhamer and his material on Mastering Blocking and Stuttering about 3 years ago. The material has now been condensed into a book by Bob entitled Mastering Blocking and Stuttering: A Cognitive Approach to Achieving Fluency.

I …

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Gary’s Fluency Strategy: Viewing Blocking/Stuttering from Different Perspectives

Viewing Blocking/Stuttering from Different Perspectives

Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D.Min.
With Gary Lindenbaum

Gary and I have been conversing in recent weeks through telephone consultations.  Gary is a retired school administrator and now has his own business. For sure, Gary has not allowed blocking/stuttering to block his career. I have great admiration for a person with a blocking/stuttering problem who steps out into the public arena and builds a career. That …

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