Sometimes We Are Fluent, Sometimes We Are Not…Why?

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Various participants have recently stated the following thoughts and wonderings to the Neurosemantics of stuttering Yahoo Groups e-mail list:

Why are we fluent in the therapist office and then once we leave we have difficulties?

How the heck does the brain know I am talking to my cat and not a live, breathing person (I stutter among all people)?

Why is it we …

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From Alabama to New Hampshire – A Story of My Journey

Roddy Grubbs
With Bobby G. Bodenhamer

The old man sat in his recliner, watching his TV and waiting for someone to stop by. His right leg was propped up on the cushion on which he sat and he rubbed that knee with a hand whose fingers were bent by arthritis. He lost his wife the year before, and he’s been a little stunned and bewildered since. I knocked on the …

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Reflections on something that happened to me

Roddy Grubbs

I appreciate so very much the materials, references, and thoughts that Bob Bodenhamer provides in his work. But, you know, sometimes I don’t “get” everything he says. Does this ever happen with you? I share this true story in the hope that it will be useful to someone.

About 6 months ago I left the company with whom I’d worked for 8+ years and went to work with …

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How Neuro-Semantics has helped me both to gain more fluency and to live my life more richly

A Letter to Dev

Roddy Grubbs

Hello Dev Mehta,

I’m Roddy Grubbs; I live in the USA; I’m 56 years old, work as a software engineer; and I first became aware of Bob Bodenhamer and his material on Mastering Blocking and Stuttering about 3 years ago. The material has now been condensed into a book by Bob entitled Mastering Blocking and Stuttering: A Cognitive Approach to Achieving Fluency.

I …

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