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Neuro-Linguistics Stuttering Association – This is the old web site.  It has now been transferred to the Netherlands with Rene making this possible. Go to this web site and discover articles and other tools that are not available on this site.
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A small guide to Balance: From a D.I.Y. perspective dealing with emotional imbalance and cognitive distortions with non-fluency as an exemplary result of the emotional imbalance.”What I discovered and still do today, behind my personal stuttering-strategy, was something I’d call an imbalance. While plotting out what had me block and stutter, I started to see patterns, or say ways of habitual thinking that triggered the non-fluency. Mapping it all out, a bit further, I came across things like judgmental thinking, feeling more or less, etc… Everything had something to do with an imbalance. Emotional imbalance if you like. Making my non-fluency very much a Cognitive Distortion. Based system at work. Paying specific attention to these areas helped me to overcome my non-fluency strategy to a large extent. In this e-book I cover these areas from my own point of view. The feedback I got so for on this e-book stretches very wide. Which only shows that the stuttering strategies can differ from PWS to PWS. But the e-book might well provide the reader with some pointers to start working on.”

Rene Robben

Stuttering Innovations – SI is a fun and skill packed course designed to train people into skilled, confident speakers.
The staff at SI have overcome stuttering by using the SI skills to become skilled speakers. We know what the affliction of stuttering is all about! The SI goal is to make speaking a confident and fun experience. Also: