Growing Up Your Inner but Hurting Child **NEW**

“Read Hazel’s story of how she utilized Neuro-Linguistic Programing and Neuro-Semantics  to re-imprint her inner child as well as her inner teenager. The original negative imprints had not served her well. Indeed, these earlier imprints which were  located in her unconscious mind led to her constantly  triggering her stuttering  speaking strategy. She had lived her entire life as a PWS. Now, Hazel is  utilizing what she has and is …

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Meta-Stating Stuttering: An NLP Approach to Stuttering

Approaching Stuttering Using NLP and Neuro-Semantics

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The subjective experience of stuttering occurs as a speech pattern when we begin to say something, but then feels “tied up” and unable to express ourselves in an easy and spontaneous way. Sometimes it feels as if we have two or more competing ideas or feelings fighting for dominance, each interrupting the other. At other times, it …

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Un-Insult-Ability: The Identity Gestalt of Living Beyond a Fragile Ego

The Identity Gestalt of Living Beyond a Fragile Ego

A Meta-Stating Pattern to Create the Gestalt State of Un-Insult-Ability

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

Are you un-insultable?   Would you like to be?  Would that empower you to feel more comfortable to take the needed risks in following your passions?  If you’re going to do anything of any value in the world—someone will criticize you.  Probably, lots of people will pooh-pooh it, …

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Secrecy Dragons: Frames for Secrecy vs. Openness

Hall of Frames
Frames of Secrecy vs. Openness

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

In the field of Family Systems there is a little aphorism that summarizes one of the main themes in working with families to promote health, healing, sanity, and love. It’s a great line and I still use it often even though I do not formally do family or marriage counseling these days. In fact, recently Bob and I …

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Super-Charge Your Ego-Strength


  • What is it? What does it mean?
  • Is it something we are born with or is it something that we can develop?
  • If we can develop it, how do we do that? How long does it take?

We first introduced the idea and terminology of ego-strength into NLP when we made it one of the higher level meta-programs in Figuring Out People. Of course, the idea has a …

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