Seven Minutes to Breakthrough (The Bright Spots Strategy)

Watch Tony Robbins do a masterful job of assisting a PWS in the overcoming of his fears about stuttering which led the PWS to unbelievable fluency. These results were obtained in just one session or demonstration to a crowd of participants. In this presentation, Tony shows his superb skill at using NLP skills in bringing about the reframing of old limiting beliefs into new, powerful resources. It is a masterpiece …

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Mind to Muscle Pattern: A Case Study

A Case Study with Fernando
Bobby G Bodenhamer, D.Min.

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Fernando as a 27 year old male had experienced blocking/stuttering since he was nine years old.  During our first few hours of therapy, Fernando’s father stood out as the main contributor to Fernando’s problem. The fear of his father drove his anxieties that were behind his blocking.

As I was questioning Fernando during our …

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Overcoming Blocking/Stuttering – A Testimony by Stephen

A Case Study

Stephen Kostes from Europe (Fictitious name for anonymity)

My experience with stammering is very similar with most people that suffer from the same thing. From my very early years I tried to hide it, overcome it, cure it, and accept it. All my efforts were almost fruitless. I felt that stammering controlled every aspect of my life and especially my choices in life.

I went to therapy …

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The Drop Down Through & Mind-Backtracking Pattern

The Art of Dropping-Down Through Experiences
Even Stuttering While Rising Higher.


How to Meta-State
the NLP Drop-Down Through Pattern

Bobby G Bodenhamer, D.Min.
L Michael Hall, Ph.D.
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We first applied Meta-States to the subject of stuttering a couple of years ago. That led to an article that we published on the Neuro-Semantics website ( More recently, …

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The Stress Fight/Flight/Freeze Pattern

A “Self-Help” Pattern in Overcoming Blocking/Stuttering

Bob Bodenhamer, D.Min.
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  • What is the Fight/Flight or General Arousal Syndrome?
  • How is this neuro-physiological phenomena tied in with blocking/stuttering?
  • Why is it so hard to overcome a block when you are in one?
  • How does the Fight/Flight Syndrome help explain the difficultly in overcoming a “block?”
  • If I can “fly into a block,” can I learn how

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From Stuttering to Stability: A Case Study

A Case Study

Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D.Min.

Note: Read this article from the viewpoint of the client.

Imagine with me, if you will, that it is tomorrow morning and like all other mornings you wake up to face another day as a person who stutters. You begin  your normal morning routine that in all appearances resembles any non-stuttering persons morning routine. In fact, the only difference in your routine and …

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