A conversation between Moses and God

A new member of our PWS community, Barbara Baker, has skillfully chosen the Biblical “Moses” as one of the two main characters in a skillful movie skit. Moses is in many ways the founder of Judaism; and, hence, Christianity. It was he who set up both the Worship and the Laws of Judaism. Moses had a speech impediment. Many believe he stuttered. God ordered Moses to return to Egypt and free the Israeli slaves who were there in bondage to the Egyptians. Now, Moses was wanted for murdering an Egyptian soldier for beating an Israeli slave. For this reason, Moses fled Egypt. Now, some 40 years later, God orders Moses to go back to Egypt and to tell Pharaoh “to let my people go”. Obviously, Moses was hesitant to carry out God’s command. In the Skit, Barbara skillfully weaves an imaginary conversation between Moses and God about Moses’ stutter and his hesitancy to return to Egypt.

Download the play as PDF