A small guide to Balance

From a D.I.Y. perspective dealing with emotional imbalance and cognitive distortions with non-fluency as an exemplary result of the emotional imbalance.

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“What I discovered and still do today, behind my personal stuttering-strategy, was something I’d call an imbalance. While plotting out what had me block and stutter, I started to see patterns, or say ways of habitual thinking that triggered the non-fluency. Mapping it all out, a bit …

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Unmasking the “Masked Fear” of Communicating with Adults

By Rene Robben

Unmasking the masked fear of communicating with adults

In a follow up on my words on Choices, The procrastination to interrupt (adults) and a bunch of other things, I would like to tell you how I discovered there was still one massive Childhood Program dominating my software.

Before I go on I want to express my utmost love and respect for my mom and dad, and that …

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The Power of “Choice” in Gaining Fluency: A Personal Testimony

By Rene Robben

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A whole lot of my mistakes in my past were based on the fact that I was unable to make choices for myself. Or, if I did make choices for myself, they would be overruled by the opinions of others, like parents, friends etc. However, I now do the things I feel I need to do and I don’t …

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Why do PWS ask so many questions when they already have the answer?

by Rene Robben

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Tell me…

  • Why do we feel less than others?
  • Why are we doing this?
  • Why are we doing this to ourselves?
  • Why are we giving away our power?
  • Why are we constantly making others more important than ourselves?
  • Why is that we give more value to others and so little to ourselves?
  • What is that has us feel

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