A small guide to Balance

From a D.I.Y. perspective dealing with emotional imbalance and cognitive distortions with non-fluency as an exemplary result of the emotional imbalance.

PDF File

“What I discovered and still do today, behind my personal stuttering-strategy, was something I’d call an imbalance. While plotting out what had me block and stutter, I started to see patterns, or say ways of habitual thinking that triggered the non-fluency. Mapping it all out, a bit further, I came across things like judgmental thinking, feeling more or less, etc… Everything had something to do with an imbalance. Emotional imbalance if you like. Making my non-fluency very much a Cognitive Distortion. Based system at work. Paying specific attention to these areas helped me to overcome my non-fluency strategy to a large extent. In this e-book I cover these areas from my own point of view. The feedback I got so for on this e-book stretches very wide. Which only shows that the stuttering strategies can differ from PWS to PWS. But the e-book might well provide the reader with some pointers to start working on.”

Rene Robben