Patterns & Techniques for Gaining Fluency

As an NLP and Neuro-Semantics® Psychotherapist and Practitioner, I have over the past 15 years worked with over 800 clients consisting of approximately 3000 hours of therapy. During these years, I have encountered many different types of personal issues that my clients desired my assistance in resolving.  In the Biography page I relate my experience more fully, but suffice it to say that the technology linked from this page, allowed me to assist several PWS to fluency, I became excited.

From Stuttering to Stability: A Case Study by  Bob Bodenhamer, D. Min.
The Stress Fight/ Flight/ Freeze Pattern: A “Self-Help” Pattern in Overcoming Blocking/ Stuttering by Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D.Min.
The Mind-to-Muscle Pattern (PDF) by Hall & Bodenhamer
Mind to Muscle Pattern: A Case Study by Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D. Min.
Meta-Stating Acceptance, Appreciation, Self-Esteem/Awe: Creating a new concept of yourself (PDF) by Hall & Bodenhamer
Embodying Negative Emotions: Guess Where a Stutterer Embodies His or Her Emotion? By Bobby G. Bodenhamer with L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
To “Block” or to “Speak Fluently: How to do what when.” – Bob’s presentation for the 2009 NSA Annual Session in Scottsdale, AZ
Voluntary Stuttering:
The Great Benefits of Stuttering on Purpose by Geoff Johnston (new)
How I Utilized Voluntary Stuttering to break out of the mold that stuttering had to be a permanent condition by Anna Margolina (new)
Questioning Fearing the Judgments of Others by Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D.Min.
The Power Zone Pattern with Responsibility To/For (PDF Format) – Begin Taking Your Power Back
Foreground-Background: Qualities that Make a Powerful Difference By Bobby G Bodenhamer, D.Min.
Un-Insult-Ability: The Identity Gestalt of Living Beyond a Fragile Ego by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
Self-Hypnosis MP3 file written by a PWS both for himself and for others by Max StringerMax says, “I have an MP3 hypnosis file that I created with my mobile phone. I listen to it twice a day on my iPod while walking to and from work.” (Bob says, “This is an excellent self-hypnosis tape for the PWS. It is very well written utilizing hypnotic language patterns directing the mind of the PWS towards greater and greater fluency. Very well done.”)
The Hypnotic Script by Max Stringer – “WordPower Hypnotic Suggestion Script Ver. 2”
Four Basic Directions of the Unconscious Mind – Questions that allow the therapist to send the client’s unconscious mind in four basic directions: up, down, back and forward to gather new perspectives in viewing the problem. (These questions are also extremely useful for you to check out your own thinking concerning a specific problem.) – PDF File Three different views of the same page by Karen Davis.
How Neuro-Semantics has helped me both to gain more fluency and to live my life more richly. by Roddy Grubbs
Gary’s Fluency Strategy: Viewing Blocking/Stuttering  from Different Perspectives by Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D.Min. with Gary Lindenbaum
Rising Up to Drop-Down Through: The Art of Dropping-Down Through Experiences; Even Stuttering While Rising Higher by Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D. Min. and L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
Overcoming Blocking/Stuttering – A Testimony by Stephen
View Max Stringer’s Power Point Presentation of how he makes “his fear go down every time I speak”.
This Web Site Contains Additional Articles/Techniques Useful for Overcoming Stuttering. Only a very few are listed here.
Meta-Yes Meta-No Pattern: Say “No” to Fear/Anxiety and “Yes” to Courage and Faith by Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D. Min.
Brain 101 How to Play the Brain Game for Fun and Profit by L. Michael  Hall, Ph.D.
Eight “Keys” to Personal Change (Including Stuttering) by Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D. Min.
The Drop Down Through & Mind-Backtracking Pattern by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. and Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D.Min.
Multiple Patterns for Mastering Fear, Part I – Case Study of “Overcoming the Fear of Flying” by Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D.Min.
Multiple Patterns for Mastering Fear, Part II – Case Studies: Fear of Public Speaking and Agoraphobia by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. with Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D.Min.
Secrecy Dragons: Frames for Secrecy vs. Openness by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
Super-Charge Your Ego-Strength by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.