The Great Benefits of Stuttering on Purpose

By Geoff Johnston, Regional Director, The McGuire Programme (Aust)

(as printed in the Australian Speak Easy Association’s magazine Speaking Free)

Stuttering on Purpose

Stuttering on Purpose? You must be crazy! Geoff’s getting senile in his old age! Why would I ever do something that I’ve been trying to avoid all of my life!

Many of us have spent our lives trying very hard to be fluent, to NOT stutter! Has …

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How I Utilized Voluntary Stuttering to break out of the mold that stuttering had to be a permanent condition

In response to Geoff Johnston’s article entitled “The Great Benefits of Stuttering on Purpose”, Anna Margolina posted the following E-Mail:

Hi, Geoff,

This is a very good and and a very well written article. To those two methods of voluntary stuttering that you describe, I would like to add the one I used. I tried to imitate my own stuttering as close as possible. In order to do this, …

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Foreground-Background: Qualities that Make a Powerful Difference

Qualities that Make a Powerful Difference

Bob Bodenhamer, D.Min.

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In order to do anxiety, we must focus on the object of anxiety. For, if we stop focusing on the object of our anxiety and look at something that is not anxiety, we will not be anxious, will we? Gestalt psychology learned something quite remarkable several years ago. They learned that when we …

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