A conversation between Moses and God

A new member of our PWS community, Barbara Baker, has skillfully chosen the Biblical “Moses” as one of the two main characters in a skillful movie skit. Moses is in many ways the founder of Judaism; and, hence, Christianity. It was he who set up both the Worship and the Laws of Judaism. Moses had a speech impediment. Many believe he stuttered. God ordered Moses to return to Egypt and …

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How We Developed An Incorrect Picture of Stuttering

This is a slightly edited version of a keynote presentation by John C. Harrison delivered at the 2004 World Congress for People Who Stutter, held in Freemantle, Western Australia on February 15 – 20, 2004.


(Begin with stuttering demonstration)

There was a time when I was so petrified by having a moment that was not filled by words that I would sooner die than stand up here and be …

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How to Use Your Highest Belief to Overcome the Anxiety of Stuttering

As a person who stutters, working on your self-confidence through altering the way you talk to yourself, facing challenging speaking situations head-on and working on your self-image, can all help with dealing with the emotional problems associated with stuttering, or stammering. However, overcoming the anxiety of stuttering is something that takes real effort; sometimes months and even years’ worth. What can really assist you on your path in overcoming the …

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How Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Presuppositions Can Help You to Deal with Stuttering

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) offers various tools to model unhelpful states such as anxiety associated with stuttering, or stammering. To counter negative emotions, NLP also offers techniques to develop new and empowering states as replacements to those that hold a person who stutters back in life.

Underlying the NLP model for creating change is a number of ‘statements’, beliefs or assumptions that are taken as granted. As a person who stutters, …

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How Changing Your Self-Image Can Help You to Deal with Anxiety and Stuttering

If you’re a person who stutters, or stammers then you may have noticed one thing – a link between anxiety and stuttering, i.e. before you actually stutter, you feel anxious about the prospect of speaking. This article contains an adaptation of the famous Swish Pattern from the field of NLP, which you can use to create a new self-image to help you deal with anxiety and stuttering. Before I …

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How to Overcome Negative Self-Talk Associated with Stuttering or Stammering

If you’re serious about overcoming the fear and anxiety of stuttering or stammering, you probably have read or are reading lots of self-help books. One idea, which is fundamental throughout many of self-help books you might read, is the area of self-talk. You might never has realised you talk to yourself. You always did. However, you weren’t really conscious of it, or what you were saying to yourself. It happened …

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How to Overcome Negative Thoughts about Stuttering

If you’re a person who stutters or stammers, a key thing to recognise is that events that happen to you, which involve stuttering, either in the outside world, or thoughts you have in your mind do not cause you to have unhelpful emotions such as anxiety. It is your interpretations and meanings you have given about the events and your thoughts about stuttering, which impact how you feel. However, your …

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10 Top Articles by Hiten Vyas

If you’re a person who stutters, or stammers (PWS) and are looking for ways to help yourself to overcome challenges around speaking, you may have come across Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a form of therapy. There are a number of great articles and resources about NLP and stuttering on the Internet. In this article, I’ve selected ten articles about NLP and stuttering you should read if you’re serious about using …

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The Awesome Power of Trusting God **NEW**

By Hazel Percy

A couple of months ago, I felt the need to reconsider my priorities, before God, about how I spend my time.  I live in the UK and have had a leafletting job for the past year or so now, which, as you can imagine, is physically tiring.  For several months last year, I was delivering 2000 leaflets a week, which involved me walking 9-10 hours a week.  …

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Growing Up Your Inner but Hurting Child **NEW**

“Read Hazel’s story of how she utilized Neuro-Linguistic Programing and Neuro-Semantics  to re-imprint her inner child as well as her inner teenager. The original negative imprints had not served her well. Indeed, these earlier imprints which were  located in her unconscious mind led to her constantly  triggering her stuttering  speaking strategy. She had lived her entire life as a PWS. Now, Hazel is  utilizing what she has and is …

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