Everyone’s Different – Poem by Alan Badmington

Everyone’s Different


Alan Badmington


Laura has freckles, Nina has spots

Dominic’s fingers are larger than Scott’s

Barbara is skinny, Lorna is fat

Daddy has whiskers as long as a cat


Brad is athletic and runs like the wind

Toby is awkward and undisciplined

Grandma has wrinkles and silver-grey hair

Granddad is balding and sleeps in the chair


Clarice is pretty, delightful and sweet

Robert’s good looking, but has smelly feet

John’s a musician and plays a bassoon

Will has a keyboard but sings out of tune


Martin has black skin, Hayley is white

Charlotte is gentle, Dan loves a fight

Susan has blue eyes, Judy’s are green

Rachel’s are brownish, the largest I’ve seen


Vicky is cheerful, Angie is glum

Cher looks like Daddy, I look like Mum

Amy has blonde hair, Anna’s is red

Claire is well-nourished, Dave’s underfed


Bill is ambitious and works hard at school

Alex is lazy but thinks he is cool

Jason is boring, Bonnie is fun

She brightens a party like rays from the sun


Calvin has short legs, Wanda is tall

Jerry is bigger, but smaller than Paul

Jane is a good girl, as everyone knows

Joey’s a naughty boy, Jack picks his nose


Paula’s left-handed, Sophie is right

Wendy wears glasses to help with her sight

Brenda is thoughtful, Kramer’s uncaring

Harvey is cautious, Tracey is daring


Things would be dull if our lives were the same

With identical clothing and same-sounding name

If we shared the same interests and musical choice

If we had the same accents, and similar voice


My father’s a brother, an uncle, a son

So many identities rolled into one

Everyone’s different, we’re all quite unique

The way that we look and the way that we speak


Our troubles, our talents, the way that we think

The way that we laugh, and the way that we blink

It’s great that we differ, it adds to our worth

There’s no-one quite like us, elsewhere on this earth


Sometimes when I’m speaking, the words cease to flow

My speech becomes bumpy, uncertain and slow

At times I talk smoothly – at times I do not

It’s just that I’m different, yes different! – SO WHAT?