The Sourcebook of Magic

The Sourcebook of Magic: A Comprehensive Guide to the Technology of NLP. (1999) By L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. and Barbara Belnap, M.S.W.

The Sourcebook of Magic offers an encyclopaedic resource of all of the central patterns of magic in NLP.  Originally entitled How To Do What When, the work presents a basic description of NLP as a Model and then how to use NLP as a system.  77 Patterns are presented under 8 categories: Basic Patterns, Patterns for Incongruity, Patterns for Identity & Self, Patterns for Neuro-Linguistic States, Patterns for Languaging and Re-languaging, Paterns for Thinking Styles, Patterns for Meanings, and Patterns for Strategies.

As the field and domain of NLP has grown, so has its technology of change patterns for quality management of mind-emotions, language skills, and behaviors.  This book offers a way to sort through the many sub-models and offers a way to think about the entire field as a system.  Now available through E.T. Publications from Crown House PublicationsTable of Contents

Part One:  NLP–The Model of the Magic

Chapter 1 Introduction to NLP Magic: Magic Has Structure
Chapter 2 The NLP Model:  Design, Language, And Components

Part Two: NLP Patterns– The Incantations For Transformation And Growth

Chapter 3 The Basic Patterns:  Patterns For Running Other Patterns (Meta-Patterns)
Chapter 4 PARTS: Apart Of The Whole–Warring Parts, Patterns For Incongruity
Chapter 5 IDENTITY: Inventing & Re-inventing “Self”: Patterns For Building Empowering Self-Images
Chapter 6 Emotional States: The Art Of Managing Neuro-Linguistic States
Chapter 7 Languaging: Patterns For Languaging Reality With Precision, Clarity, And Empowerment
Chapter 8 Thinking Patterns: Sorting Patterns That Govern Thinking
Chapter 9 Meanings And Semantics: Patterns For Enhancing Neuro-Semantic Reality
Chapter 10 Strategies: Patterns For Building Empowering Action Plans

Part Three: Pattern Application–Thinking Like A Magician

Chapter 11 Thinking In Patterns: Pattern Thinking As An Art And A Skill
Chapter 12 Figuring Out Magic To Do At What Times
Chapter 13 Domains Of Use: Hints For Using NLP In Business, Education, Therapy, Sports, Health, Relationships, Etc.


Appendix A Eye Accessing Cue Chart
Appendix B Calibration Exercise For Agree/Disagree or Yes/No
Appendix C There “Is” No “Is”
Appendix D NLP As Therapy:  In A Managed Care World
Appendix E List Of NLP Centers: USA and UK

List of Patterns Present in The Sourcebook of Magic

The Basic Patterns
Foundational Patterns

#1    Well-Formed Outcome
#2    Pacing Or Matching Another’s Model Of The World
#3    Calibration To Someone’s State
#4    Checking The Ecology Of A Pattern
#5    Flexibility Of Responses
#6    State Elicitation
#7    State Induction
#8    State Interrupt
#9    Anchoring
#10    Accessing Positive Intention

Primary NLP Patterns For Transformation And Excellence
Patterns For Incongruity Of “Parts”

#11    Collapsing Anchors Pattern
#12    Parts Negotiation Pattern
#13    Six-step Reframing Pattern
#14    Aligning Perceptual Postions Pattern
#15    Agreement Frame Pattern
#16    Aligned Self Pattern
#17    Resolving Internal Conflict Pattern
#18    Advanced Visual Squash Pattern

Patterns For Identity And “Self”
#19    Belief Change Pattern
#20    Dis-identification Pattern
#21    Re-Imprinting Pattern
#22    Time-Line Pattern
#23    Change Personal History Pattern
#24    Swish Pattern
#25    Circle Of Excellence Pattern
#26    Decision Destroyer Pattern
#27    Core Transformation Pattern
#28    The Meta-Transformation Pattern
#29    Making Peace With Your Parents Pattern
#30    Loving Yourself Pattern
#31    Self-Sufficiency Pattern
#32    Receiving Wisdom From Your Iner-Sage Pattern

Patterns For Neuro-Linguistic States
#33    Visual/Kinesthetic Dissociation Pattern (Phobia Cure)
#34    Accessing And Managing Resourceful States Pattern
#35    State Of Consciousness Awareness Pattern
#36    “As If” Frame Pattern
#37    Chaining States Pattern
#38    Submodality Overlapping Pattern
#39    Threshold Pattern Or Compulsion Blowout
#40    Transforming “Mistakes” Into “Learnings”
#41    Becoming Intentionally Compelled: The Godiva Chocolate Pattern
#42    Decision-Making Pattern
#43    Pleasure Pattern
#44    Reducing Enjoyment Pattern or Anti-Addiction Pattern
#45    Breaking Up Limiting Synesthesias Pattern
#46    Filing Away Memories As Part Of One’s Learning History

Patterns For Languaging And Re-Languaging
#47    Meta-Modeling Pattern
#48    The Pattern Of Meta-Model III
#49    Denominalizing Pattern
#50    Problem Defining/ Formulating Pattern

Patterns For Thinking Patterns, Meta-Programs, And Cognitive Distortions
#51    Identifying And Pacing A Person’s Meta-Programs
#52    Recognizing And Challenging Limiting Meta-Programs
#53    Meta-Programs Change Pattern
#54    Identifying And Disputing Cognitive Distortions

Patterns For Meanings/Semantics
#55    Content Reframing Pattern
#56    Context Reframing Pattern
#57    Submodalities Reframing Pattern
#58    Six-step Reframing Pattern As A Meta-States Pattern
#59    Pulling Apart Belief Synesthesia Pattern
#60    Establishing Your Value Heirarchy Pattern
#61    Kinesthetic Hierarchy Of Criteria Pattern
#62    Thought Virus Inoculation Pattern
#63    New Behavior Generator Pattern
#64    Forgiveness Pattern
#65    Allergy Cure Pattern
#66    Grief Resolution Pattern
#67    Pre-Grieving Pattern
#68    Healthy Eating Pattern
#69    Resolving Co-depence Pattern
#70    Assertive Speaking Pattern
#71    Responding To Criticism Pattern
#72    Establishing Boundaries Pattern
#73    Magical Parents Pattern
#74    Transforming Mistakes Into Learnings Pattern
#75    Thinking/ Evaluating Wisely And Thoroughly Pattern (SCORE Model)
#76    A Creativity Strategy (The Walt Disney Pattern
#77    Spinning Icons Pattern (Integration Pattern)

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