L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

Your mind is like a Movie … on your internal Big Screen you flash snapshots of sights, images, and scenarios and you also play snippets of Movie sequences and even full-length epic features. You do it all in that private entertainment center we call “Mind.” This is how we think and learn and even reason. Some people are more visual learners, others learn best by hearing, others learn best by doing to get a feel of things, and yet others are primarily linguistic learners. What happens though when we close our eyes or just de-focus them and “think” about things? What Movies play out on the theater of our mind?

  • Horror movies, sex, adventure, sci-fi flicks, love and romance ones, documentaries, news reels, drama, soap operas, commercials, police and detective cinemas, cowboy.

The range of Movies we can play on the screen of our minds goes on and on. Yet whatever plays governs our states, emotions, feelings, behaviors, skills, world-views, perceptions, health, and life. It determines what’s on our mind. Yet the higher levels determine more important things—like why we watch what we do. We can even step back from the Movies that we play to take control of the productions, editing them, directing them, and even producing them. After all, it’s our brain. It’s the theater of your mind.

Contents MovieMind

Preface 5
Ch. 1: Orientation to Your Mind as a Movie 11
Ch. 2: Welcome to the Cinema of the Mind
New Movies / New Minds
Ch. 3: The Neuro-Psycho-Logical Theater 35
Ch. 4: Cinema Mind At Work
How we actually produce our Movies
Ch. 5: Cinema Perspectives
Points of View as Cinematic Positions
Ch. 6: Movie States 89
The Cinemas of the Mind and Our Emotions
Ch. 7: The Levels of Cinematic Production
It Takes a Hierarchy to Create a Movie
Ch. 8: Performing Movie Magic
Transforming the Movies of our Mind
Ch. 9: Editorial Prerogatives — Cinematography #101
Being the Editor-in-Chief of Your Movies
Ch. 10: A Director’s Frame of Mind 146
Ch. 11: Communicating Cinema to Cinema 162
Ch. 12: Filming New Skills for New Resourceful Movies
Educational Films for Success
Ch. 13: The Neuro-Semantics of your Cinema Mind 168
Principles of Mental Cinematography 179
Specialized Vocabulary 180
Bibliography 183
Author 183
Trainings 185

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