Instant Relaxation

Instant Relaxation: How To Reduce Stress At Work, At Home And In Your Daily Life.

Instant Relaxation by Debra Lederer  and  L. Michael Hall provides exercises for the instant relief of stress at work and is for everyone that works in a office and has a fast paced job where they feel stressed. The concepts can also be applied to people that work from home.

This small and practical book has one primary focus: developing the skills to access the resourceful state of relaxation and to use it when you most need it. It represents an integration of the relaxation skills and processes (breathing, stretching) from Yoga along with some of the state management technology of NLP.

The book is built around one single and simple idea: Preparing to Positively Alter Your Life from the debilitating effects of stress. To achieve that it presents a 7-Day Stress Reduction Program using simple and effective tools. Debra Lederer brings to this book many experience of experience in studying yoga and as a Yoga Trainer in the New York City area. She is also a NLP Master Practitioner. Michael Hall assists in this work by locating the processes within the context of NLP’s state management skills.

Book Review of Instant Relaxation by Judith Pearson, Ph.D. first appearing in Anchor Point

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