Games Great Lovers Play

Love is about your frames of mind.  It’s your mental and emotional frames that determine your thoughts-and-feelings of love, about love and loving, and about all of the facets that affect love— differences, bonding, connecting, communicating, conflicting, forgiving, caring, listening, playing, and pleasuring.  Do you have the frames of mind and meaning that enable you to operate out of a rich and loving Matrix?  Games Great Lovers Play will expose the old games that don’t work and invite you into some new that will powerfully enhance your loving.  Your lover will love you for it!

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D., cognitive-behavior psychologist, best selling author, researcher, and international trainer, who developed the Meta-States model and co-founded Neuro-Semantics, has now applied Frame Games to relating and bonding.

Based on the revolutionary Frame Games model, this application book will help you transform your inner game of frames … for a brand new performance in your outer game of Love.

273 Pages   Paperback

ISBN: 1- 890001 – 24 – 4

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