The User’s Manual for the Brain – Book Review [3]

The User’s Manual for the Brain
The Complete Manual for Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Reviewed By
Penelope Moon

Reviewed by Penelope Moon “The User’s Manual for the Brain” by Bob G. Bodenhamer & L. Michael Hall

As a practitioner of N.L.P I was delighted to read this book. Having trained in the early eighties and developed many of my own strategies in ‘true NLP’ fashion it was both refreshing and affirming to return to the ideas that have influenced how I train others to work so effectively in A Quiet Place today. It was like meeting old relatives that  you have forgotten about and remembering their influence affectionately. The User’s Manual for the Brain is a practical training text book filled to the brim with ideas and exercises to use in a wide variety of situations The foundations of NLP are both skillfully explained and easy to understand.  A step by step guide to learning and practising the tools of NLP that anyone can follow and for people like myself a reminder of the process and content and inspiration that is NLP. Clear examples of the techniques and application to a wide range of arenas make this a significant book, invaluable for anyone seriously interested in empowering effective change in people. I will be delighted to place it on our training book list for those of our practitioners who are interested in exploring further. So thank you NLP and authors.

Penelope Moon CEO A Quiet Place